Renovating our horse box during lockdown 2020


The wandering florist of the Cotswolds


Over three years ago, i searched meticulously for a reasonably priced horse box in good nick & full of character. I was lucky enough to find a chap near by willing to sell his for £70. Bargain! My husband towed it home and we placed her in our field, excited to turn her into a flower shop on wheels. Instead, three years pasted and the poor thing had been completely neglected and sat rusting away. Then, lockdown hit. Being bored in the house, bored in the house, bored resulted in convincing my husband to help me find old pallets, old doors and fencing laying around my parents farm and create a rustic interior. Being a trained carpenter, he made the job look easy and finished the interior within a couple weeks. I then tackled the incredibly boring job of sanding back the green, cracked paint on the exterior. I can assure you this was my least favourite part of the renovation but, i loved seeing her change so quickly. We cleaned, painted and fixed her in a total of 3 months. Stopping and starting to entertain our adorable 8 month old daughter. It was definitely a family effort. My husband worked the hardest (thank you Al) and my brother & mum helped us paint. I have the vision to dash from one cotswold village to another, parking outside your favourite spots, selling seasonal and most importantly British blooms because out of this horrid pandemic, i think it's so important to support small, local businesses. We are all in this together! So... here we go! After nearly a year on maternity leave, i am back doing what i love! Please come support us and thank you for your enthusiasm and excitement so far. Here are some progress pictures...

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